Heroes of Spin Slot – Review

Those who are fans of superheroes should definitely give Heroes of Spin slot. The heroes in this game will rescue you with locked wilds, contagious wilds, multiplied win lines, epic wins, and shifting reels. Guess what? Through playing this game, you can have a shot at the 200 coin jackpot.

Heroes of Spin is a game that looks like how you think it would be. The design of the slot looks like it came from a comic book. There are four different heroes featured in this slot game. Three of these different heroes are men who go against evil forces to get you some wins.

The design of the game is very brilliant. Blueprint Gaming definitely put in a lot of time and effort into designing this game. The background of the game is a lively city at night and it resembles New York City. Also the superheroes remain on standby on the reels in order to help you fight against crime. The only way you can become a hero through this game is through spinning the reels.


The Statistics of the Reels- This slot is a five reel and a 25 payline video slot. In this slot, you can play 0.25 a spin all the way up to 500.00 for each spin. Yes, the 200 coin jackpot might not seem much but if you play maximum bets, then it will become very large.


When you click the autoplay button, a pop up will come up. Through this menu you can pick for the slot machine to play a certain number of spins for you. In other words, you would not have to press the spin button over and over again. You can either choose 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 spins. Another option you have is to pick from the machine to spin until a certain session loss limit is reached or single session win limit is hit.


The Search for Heroes- The screen for this game is more focused on the background than on the buttons, which works out very well. Since the reels are suspended mid-air, all of the gaming options are shown on the lower area of the reels. All the way from the left to the right, the menu shows the paytable and how you can be eligible to win, your total stake, your balance, the big spin button, the total spin, and the autoplay button.


If you do not understand the gameplay then you should first try out the demo mode. The demo mode lets you see how the different features can be triggered without you having to pay any cash.


The Symbols- The special features you will come across in this game are Stacked symbols, Bonus, Super Bonus, Super Splits, Ice Wilds, Kinetix Telekinesis, and Wild Fire.


Stacked Symbols- Heroes can come to life and help you get more wins

Bonus- This gets triggered through landing three identical symbols.

Super Bonus- You will enter the special Super Bonus through landing 3 matching Heroes of Spins icons. Right here is where you will be able to pick what bonus game you would like to play.

Super Splits- The green hero has the ability to split symbols. The power he has, gives him the ability to multiply win lines.

Ice Wilds- Glaciar the icy hero has the ability to throw out sticky wilds on your reels. Randomly he will throw out icy at the reels and will have locked wilds in their place. After a random amount of spins, the wilds will melt or a maximum of five.

Kinetix Telekinesis- This special feature can have symbols move around in order to give out big wins. More than one reel can be moved at the same time and it can be two reels all the way up to 5.

Wild Fire- The red hero named Scorcha uses her powers to get wild fires started on the reels. Once a fire lands, it expands to other reels to give out big wins.


In order to get the jackpot going, you will have to get either 5 exploding wild symbols or 5 Glaciar symbols which is the icy hero.


Thoughts about the Game- This is a slot game that offers different bonuses, winning combinations, and features. One great thing about this game is that not only can you be rewarded for each spin, but there are three octagonal bars that get full with each spin that occurs. With this being the case, there are more ways to win. This is a very simple game to play and you can play through little or huge stakes. For many different type of slot players, this slot can definitely be a winner in their eyes. It is a game that provides a lot of opportunities to win.

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