Haunted House Slot – Halloween Pokies Action in 2016

Are you ready for some good fright? With Halloween being around the corner, it would make sense to play a slot with some good fright in it..right? One slot that is able to do is and get you ready for Halloween is Expresso’s Haunted House slot. The Haunted House slot offers great rewards. When playing this game, try your best to not run away and scream.


This video slot game contains classic elements based on well-known horror films, and some humor added on to it. It is a cartoon inspired game that has bonus features and great wins to hunt. There is also a jackpot in this game.


The Animated Horror- Haunted House might seem a bit spooky at first appearance, but however, it is more cartoonish and quirky than scary. For some people, it might not even be scary at all.

In the background of the game, there is a haunted manor. The haunted manor is sitting on top of a hill while the sky is grey. On the path up to the manor winds, and the creepy graveyard with reels floating in the fore.

Like anyone is able to imagine, this game has all of the classic elements that can be expected in a game that is horror-based. In this aspect of the game, there is not much originality but however, if you are a person that wants a classic experience, then this game is the right fit for you.


Going against the Supernatural Bullies- A lot of the rules in this game are just like the ones in many other modern slots. Especially ones that were developed by Espresso.


This game has 5 spinning reels and 18 paylines. In order to win cash rewards, combinations of identical symbols have to be landed on the paylines. The command buttons that are located at the bottom of the screen have to be used to choose wagers. Wagers for this game can be placed on as many paylines you want. After placing wagers, the reels are ready to spin. All any player of this game has to do is make the reels spin and let luck handle the rest.


In regards to its reward system, the size of future payouts depend on the combinations landed and wager size. Also, obviously luck does play a role in this as well. However, players do have the option to bet additional coins in order to increase their future earnings. The max shortcut in this game can be used to go all in with just one click. In order to make the game faster, the auto play mode has to be used to place the chosen bet for consecutive spins in an automatic manner.


The Symbols- Players of this game will notice that the paytable is split into two groups of symbols. One group shows slot game classics symbols. The other shows ones that are related to the theme of the game.


The classic card game symbols in the game are- 10, J, Q, K, and A. For these symbols the range of rewards go from 7 to 250 credits.


Symbols that are related to the theme of the game are- the black cat, mummy symbols, Dracula, and Frankenstein’s creature. There are some symbols that do allow a combination of two symbols. Even when the mummy is on its own, it pays out a small cash prize.


Spicing Up the Game- The wild symbol of the game is the pumpkin. It can replace all of the rare basic reel symbols and double their combinations value. Combinations for pumpkins can go all the way up to 2,500 additional credits.


In this game, the free spin symbol is also a scatter. If three of more of these symbols are found anywhere on the reels, free games will be awarded. The maximum payout is 100 free spins. Another scatter symbol in the game is the werewolf. It works in the same exact same way except that it can multiply the coins up to 100x over.


If 3 or more combinations of manor symbols are landed, the player will have an opportunity at playing the bonus mini game. In order to make the bonus win double instantly, then escape the grim reaper and run away from the haunted manor.



The graphics in this game are pretty basic, but however the bonuses provided make up for it. Also it is a fun and challenging game. It can keep you interested throughout the entire gaming session. So start off your Halloween preparation right through playing this slot. When playing this game, always be on the lookout for the scatters and try to get as many free games as you possibly can. Also, make sure you escape the haunted manor and win prizes for doing so.

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