Kiwi and Aussie Gambling Habits Compared

Australia has the highest gambling rates all around the world. The country’s population has more access to gambling games more so than a lot of other countries. Australia is filled with pubs that have a slot machine. Whereas in New Zealand, it is the opposite. Gambling has been decreasing in New Zealand, even though there has been more options for gambling available in these recent years. There has been a huge drop in the amount of gamblers since the 1990s.


In 2012, gambling decreased 86% from the year 1999 in Kiwi. Now New Zealand is the sixth biggest gambling place. It used to be the fourth biggest. Australia has lost more money from gambling than any other country. On average $1,396 is lost from Australians who gamble a year. In New Zealand $661 adults lose a year on average in New Zealand.


In recent years there have been more casinos opening in New Zealand and there are a lot of online gambling sites available there, but this has still not increased the amount of gambling in the country. Studies have shown that having more gambling options does not necessarily lead to an increase of gamblers.


Kiwis (which is a nickname given to those who are from New Zealand) do not see gambling as a big part of their culture, like many Australians do. In Australia there has been a huge concern over the gambling habits that occur there than in New Zealand. However, it is still possible that gambling habits can still develop in the future. In ten years Australia and New Zealand can make a complete switch. Especially since there are an increasing amount of gambling options in the country of New Zealand. Even though studies have shown that gambling options are not linked to a high population of gamblers, the fact that now there are a lot of gambling sites on the internet can eventually play a role in that changing.


Even though New Zealand’s gambling population rate is not as high as Australia’s there are still a lot of hotlines available for those who are addicted to gambling. Gambling addiction is everywhere regardless of how high or low a gambling rate is in a country.


The Gambling Act 2003 allows gamblers in New Zealand to gamble on the internet if the website is overseas based. However, the act is still confusing. The reason why it is confusing is because it prohibits interactive gambling on gaming sites that are operated in New Zealand. Online sports betting in New Zealand is ran by the New Zealand Racing Board. The New Zealand Racing Board is a sole provider of racing and sports betting. International online sports book are categorized as the same as online casinos. Any sports books that is not ran from New Zealand is more than likely able to take the bets from Kiwis.


Australia’s online gambling laws can be pretty confusing as well. The reason why they are confusing is because even though it is not illegal to operate online casinos within the Australian border, advertisers and marketing services towards Australians have a maximum penalty of $220,000 each day which mean $1.1 million per day for the company. Overall the punishments for online casinos are much more towards the operators of the games than the residents who decide to play the games. Many people who live in Australia wants their laws to less confusing and more understandable. It will be interesting to see if any of the confusion about the laws gets resolved and when they will be resolved. Nonetheless, hopefully the confusion about the acts will be resolved soon and actually would not cause any more confusion.


Gambling is part of the atmosphere in Australia which is obviously the reason why they are the top gambling country in the entire world. Many Australians strongly believe that the government needs to do more in regards to helping out the high addiction rate. Some argue that it seems as if their government does not care about many of its citizens struggling with a gambling addiction.
Kiwis and Aussie’s are almost opposite of each other when it comes to gambling habits. Though they are almost opposites when it comes to gambling, the Kiwi culture does not actually look down on those who do like to gamble a lot, they typically just do not see it as a fun activity as much as Australians typically do. Will the Australians’ gambling habits continue to grow? That is a question that cannot be answered directly at this point, but it should not be a surprise if it does continue to grow, especially with the government not putting any limitations on it that can lower the high gambling rate.

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