Does Australia have a gambling problem?

Many suggest that Australia is having a gambling problem. According to USA today, eighty percent of AU’s citizens participate in some form of gambling. This is the highest rate for any country in the entire world. The country also has the highest rate of losing money from gambling. On average the country loses $21.5 billion a year.

Lotteries, bingo, sports betting, and pokies are all forms of gambling. Pokies is the most used form of gambling in Australia. For those who do not know what pokies are, they are electronic gaming machines. There is a poker machine available for every 108 people.

Even though gambling has been considered to be a hobby for lonely middle aged men, the youth in Australia spends the most time and money on poker machines. The gambling issue in Australia has been causing a major concern for economic reasons. Many fear that the gambling issue can make matters worse for the country.

What Can Be Done to Help The Gambling Problem?

Of course laws will have to be changed. The changes that can occur will not happen overnight. Putting limits on how much a person at a casino can spend on games. Setting a different age limit for gambling can also help out the problem. It is a very important for people to be taught about how gambling too much can cause a lot of financial problems. If gambling laws were to change, they would have to be enforced. These type of changes will probably take citizens a long time to adjust to.

Right now Australia needs to be able to do whatever they can to make sure their economy is able to improve soon. If the amount of gamblers increase in the country, the economy will probably become even worse than it currently is.

According to, three quarters of citizens who have a gambling issue play pokies. The gambling issue not only has an effect on the economy, but it also has one on families. Being addicted to gambling can cause marriage issues and it can put a strain on a parents’ relation with their child. Sometimes gambling too much can cause a child to feel abandoned by their parent. Obviously no one should want this to occur.

On average those who have a gambling issue, loses $21,000 a year. The $21,000 is something that can go to bills, their children, or any other priority. People who are addicted to gambling usually have mental and/or physical health problems. Not only do they typically have family and health problems, but they also tend to have difficulties holding a job. Statistics show that gamblers are four times more likely to suffer from alcohol abuse than ones who aren’t ones. They also show that they are six times more than likely to get divorced more than people who aren’t.

Gambling too much can cause too many different issues. These issues should be taken more seriously in Australia. If they do not get taken seriously soon, the issue is going to become even worse than it already is. In the year of 2009 70% of Australians participated in some form of gambling. Only 15% of gamblers in Australia have received help for their problem. Those who currently have a gambling issue should be enforced more to receive help for their addiction. This can also help solve the issue.

Serious issues that are currently occurring in a country should always try to be fixed. The current issue is doing damage to the country in so many different ways. There is not anything wrong with gambling, but gambling too much is a problem. It is time for government in Australia to take the issue more seriously. Not only should the issue be taken more seriously for the gambling addicts, but for their children as well. It is also important to note that some children who does have a parent who is addicted to gambling is at high risk at becoming addicts themselves when they get older. This is an issue that needs to be taken more seriously as soon as possible.

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