What Makes A Person Decide to Gamble A lot?

Some people from different parts of the world have a gambling addiction. Gambling addiction has started to rise. In some parts of the world, the gambling addiction rate is high, whereas in others it is low. In Australia, over 80% of the adults who live there perform in some form of gambling. Fifteen percent of the United States population participates in some form of gambling on a weekly basis.


As the gambling industry expands, the addiction to gambling increases around the world. Gambling addiction has similar characteristics to drug addiction. Researchers are just now becoming aware of this. Just like any other type of addiction, it is only going to get worse if it does not get treated. The way a person’s brain reacts to drugs is similar to how it responds to gambling. Chances of developing a gambling addiction has a 23 increase fold for those who are addicted to drinking alcohol. As many as 750,000 people ages 14 to 21 have a gambling addiction. In the United States, 75 percent of college students have admitted to participating in some form of gambling.


PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is known to be an issue for about 12.5 to 29 percent of those who are addicted to gambling. People who have a gambling disorder have a high chance of experience mental health issues. The mental health issues include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and anti-social personality disorder.


With the rise of gambling addiction around the world, experts are starting to have a better understanding of what can make someone become addicted to it. One of the main key factors of gambling addiction is loneliness. On average, people who are depress have the tendency to engage in an activity that can make them feel better temporarily. Those who are addicted to gambling often see it as a way to relief themselves from something that is occurring in their lives. Most of the time, loneliness is the cause of depression. Often times after a person begins to gamble to try to escape their depression, they become even more depressed. A lot of that has to do with the fact that they have lost a lot of money. Also, family issues that are caused from a gambling addiction plays a large role in this as well. People who gamble to escape something that is occurring in their lives are often trying to numb their pain through performing in a long gambling session.


Since the gambling industry has been expanding, it has become harder to addicts to stop their addiction. Some form of gambling is everywhere. Now it has been making a large increase presence heavily on the internet. There are so many gambling ads that appear on the internet in this current day and age. When a person who has had a gambling disorder sees an advertisement about it, has to try extremely hard to resist it. Just like when a person has had substance abuse problems.


How can a person who is experiencing depression avoid becoming a gambling addict? This is kind of tough to answer. The reason is because gambling is very complex. A person can gamble to try to have some fun without actually becoming addicted to it. However, even though this is the case, it is important to understand that exercising helps out depression a lot. It is very known to relief stress. Joining some type of club can also help avoid becoming a gambling addict while going through a depression. Spending more time with friends or finding someone trustworthy to talk to can also very helpful.


Gambling addiction is a very serious issue. Some people argue that it is not being taken seriously enough. The reason why some argue this is because to them it seems like the system is only focused on making the casino industry generate as much money as possible.


There are problem gambling services available in which gambling addicts can contact. Problem gambling services exist everywhere in which gambling is legal. Also, for some of the services, clients do not have to talk with the counselor face to face. They can just talk to them through phone.


Some people have low resistance, whereas for some others they do not. Usually those who do become gambling addicts do have a low resistance. Meaning that they automatically become excited when they see a slot machine or any other gambling game in person or on tv. Those who have a low resistance to gambling, still should not doubt themselves. They can overcome their resistance. It might be hard, but it is definitely well worth it. Knowing your self-worth is also very key in resisting the temptation to gamble a lot.

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