The Future of Slot Machines

Slot machines have went through a lot of changes throughout the years, but however they are still surviving. Since Mr. Fey developed the first slot machine, new parts have been added and there have been a lot of added modifications. Even the payouts have changed throughout the years. Payouts went from cigarettes, cigars, drinks, ways to get cars, expensive trips, to multi-million dollar jackpots. The original slots only accepted pennies and dimes. Now they can accept up to one hundred dollar bills.


Mr. Fey and his Liberty Bell reproduced a billion dollar industry. It is an industry that strives to attract young gamblers. So far they have been doing a good job at this. As time went on after the Liberty Bell was developed, manufacturers began competing within themselves. Meaning they started designing machines that provided maximum satisfaction for the players. Slots have evolved into huge machines that are equipped with a lot of different lights, bells, and having the ability to play different sounds.


Slot machine developers have added a lot of extras to make them more enjoyable to play. Also, they have added buttons to make the machines less complicated for the players. Slot machines use to only have one front line instead of just one. Now they have multiple paylines on average.


Nowadays there are not a lot of mechanical slots in business. A lot of casinos today use devices that are ran by micro-pressors. Micro-pressors allows casino operators to have better track of the odds, record the number of games, and calculate average bet sizes. This also allows them to have a better evaluation for their own risk exposure.
In recent years, there has been an increase of cloud computing technology and competition between the major technology companies to become the number one tech leader in the tech industry. These tech companies include Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, and others. The casino industry has been working with these companies.


Operators in the gambling industry have made apps that run on most of the mobile devices. This has allowed virtual casinos to be formed. Now players are able to gamble anywhere that has access to the internet.


The gambling industry has been connected to a lot of different types of technology of the past and plans to continue use technology as it progresses in the future. Tech companies have already been working on creating an augmented reality environment. Devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung are expected to be released soon. As of now it seems like the technology industry will continue to grow for a long time.


Those who are slot machine lovers will probably continue to play the machines regardless if they are controlled by buttons, touchscreens, brain waves, or handles. As long as they still have an opportunity to win, they will keep playing.


The gambling industry likes to keep up with current technology. That is how they have been able to continue to attract young customers. If they do not keep up with current technology then they will not be able to continue to expand.

Technology has been changing at a fast pace. It has allowed the gambling industry to continue to grow. Just like with a lot of other industries. The gambling industry along with other ones have to find ways to make sure their products continue to improve in order to survive.


Technology has been changing the way people live all around the world. At the rate technology is going, years from now, many people will probably have robots. If this were to happen, the gambling industry would find ways to adopt to this. Meaning somehow robots will be incorporated with slot machines. Slot machines in the future will be much different than the ones now. With the rate technology is going, not only is there a possibility of robots somehow being incorporated, but the graphics along with sounds will be improved. The machines will be even more enjoyable than they are now.


Another possibility is that slot machines will also become more like videogames. The gambling industry realizes the young generation’s love for video games. This would be a good way for them to continue to receive attraction from young people.


The future for slot machines right now looks to be real bright. Technology has been becoming more and more of a key component in the growth of the gambling industry. When technology and the gambling industry come together, magic happens. This has happened in the past and it is currently happening in the present. What is going on now in the present will have a big role on the future. As long as slots continue to improve day by day, its presence will still be strong in the future.

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