Fun on the Seafront Slot – Review

Are you in the mood to go to the beach and get some fresh air, sugar ringed donuts, and sun cream? If the answer is yes, then you need to play Gamesys’ Fun on the Seafront slot.


Fun on the Seafront does not take after the old 2p machines that were once frustrating to deal with. It is a slot that is very slick and has a beautiful design. Those who love the modern slot machine design, would definitely appreciate the one this one contains. The design of the slot is all wrapped up in a kitsch with a 1920s spin to it. Right once the page opens, you are definitely going to want to play this slot.


The Simplicity of the Game- There are a lot of bright colors in this game and these colors will make your eyes focus heavily on the reels. However, there are some components missing in this slot that other slots have. Even though you have the ability to adjust your bet sizes and how much each spin costs, automatically it is designed to have you bet on all of the paylines at one time.


Players of this game are often told to go big with going to the beach or pack the picnic basket and the towel and leave to go home. There are 25 paylines in this game. The fact that there are 25 paylines adds on to the busy feeling this game provides along with its high stakes. Since these kind of odds exist in this game, you have chances of matching symbols quite a bit often once the spinning starts. Obviously if you win any cash, you are going to want to keep it.


This game does not have any bonus modes. Some might expect this because of how modern this slot looks. Basically in this game, you are just aiming for as many matching combinations as possible along with keeping an eye out on the multiplier thermometer. The multiplier thermometer is located on the right hand side. This multiplier thermometer decreases with each spin, but it builds on as points are gathered together. In other words, the higher it stands, the more points you can get. There is not much animation in this slot.


The Beach Looks- It is impossible to not have interest in the beach looks. The characters and picture symbols of this game go from a dad type of look to a woman wearing a vintage bathing suit and more. They all look like things that Raymond Briggs might draw.


Outside of those symbols are the standard symbols which are 10, J, Q, K, and A. These symbols have the lowest values and they are worth 30-50 maximum points each. In regards to the characters in the game, the dad has the highest value and they give out a maximum of 500 for a row of five. The humble bucket and spade offers 100 for the same scenario.


The ice cream and cone are the wild symbols of the game. They can be used to replace any other symbol. Since there are many paylines being played with at one time, more than likely you will have quite a bit ice cream related wins.


Fish and Chips also makes an appearance. If five of these scatter symbols are landed, you will receive 25x your total amount of coins. Landing four of these symbols will get you 10x for a row of four. Your total coins get doubled if you land three on the reels. However, this could have been more useful through adding free spins or a bonus round in this part of the game. But then again, maybe its best that they were not added.


This game does have some flaws. Right when this game starts, expectations go up. Currently it is one of the most beautiful slot games out there. It gives off a certain type of expectation that it would have a lot of whistles and bells. However, this is something that can be viewed as a plus point of the game.


A lot of slot machines that exist today that take a lot of time to completely grasp when it comes to a bonus. Just taking a glimpse at their rules is enough to see that this game can be complex. However, it is important to know that with this game, all you are doing is trying to match up pictures. This is not the game that has special symbols that are worth trying to land. Even though there are not any special symbols per say in this game, it is still decent to play. You are not going to want to go home when you are playing this game. Its graphics are pretty good.

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