Fruit Race Slot Review – Fruit Themed Pokies in 2017

Slot games with a fruit theme slot are the most common and popular on the markets currently. The game that will be discussed is one example of this genre.

Fruit Race is a video slot game developed by Espresso. With this game, Espresso attempted to reimagine a genre that is well-known and well-liked. However, they add a modern twist to it. Any player of this game should expect dynamic bonuses and surprises that are hidden along with the classic fruit symbols. If you continue to read this, you will get to know the game a lot.

Mixing the Old with the New- Like already mentioned in this article, Fruit Race deals with the basics and is a representation of a classic type of slot game theme.

For the most part, the game screen is taken up by the reels and it hovers on top of a green and gold along with a background that is shiny. As far as the details, there is not much to look at besides the colorful symbols and the bright command buttons that are located at the bottom of the screen.

Basically, Fruit Race is a modern slot machine that has a classic theme along with a game screen that is relatively uncluttered. Also, some of the reel animations are smooth. It is not the best visual game that is on the market, but the look it does have is honest. The next section of this article will focus on the gameplay.


Preparing for the Race- The Fruit Race video slot has a set of rules that are classic. These rules are common in a lot of other modern slot games and it is designed to allow players get a quick start on the reels, regardless of the amount experience they have.

There are five reels and 18 paylines in total available in this slot. All of the winning combinations of reel symbols that appear on a payline that is activated, a cash prize for the lucky player is triggered. In order to make wager adjustments, you have to use the command buttons that are under the reels and pick which paylines to place them on before making the reels spin.

It is important to know that the all of your prizes depend on the combinations you land and also the size of your wager. In other words you can bet more money on the reels to be risky and try to have larger payouts. There is a max button placed to help you go all in at once and risk it all for a chance at the Fruit Race jackpot. However, you can choose your wager manually and it is important to remember that you can turn on the auto play game mode to make the game go faster.

The Healthy Cocktails- The basic list of reel symbols for this game consists of a healthy cocktail with different fruits. All of the payouts for these symbols all correspond to a one coin bet on all of the reels.

These set of symbols start off low. These include fig, lemon, plum, and orange symbols. They are the most common in the game and contain combinations of 3, 4, or 5 icons available. The maximum payout for these type of symbols is 200 credits.

It is best to try to go for the higher rewards. The symbols with higher values are coconuts, pineapples, strawberries, pomegranates, and watermelons. The combinations that are the longest and most elusive can give out up to 1,500 extra credits in an instant matter. This is a very good reason to keep your eyes glued to the exotic fruits.


The Bonuses to Enjoy- When playing this game, it is crucial to stay alert and do not miss out on the wild apple symbol. The wild apple symbol has a caterpillar that crawls across the screen and will change up to 4 symbols into wilds. It replaces other symbols for additional wins. When you are playing this game, you will notice that all wins on the reels give out race points. Get as many points as you possibly can and race against the other players for a chance to be on the podium and receive an extra nice price in return.

There are three bonus symbols that are on adjacent positions on the reels. Also, there is an extra bonus reel that gets activated. When the four bonus spins occurs, you will have to get as many matching symbols as possible on the reels in order for the game to continue and win some new prizes.

Is the Game Good?- This is a slot with a classic well-known slot theme. There are some nice graphics in this game with some dynamic bonuses that can entertain players throughout the entire game session.

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