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One of the best ways to get started on a new online casino is to take advantage of a free spins bonus. As its name suggests, this bonus basically gives you a handful of free spins to use as and where you choose. Of course, these free spins can only be used on pokies, but this is Australia, and if there is one thing we love, it’s pokies.

What is a Free Spins Bonus?

Often offered as part of a new member bonus (also known as a “signup” or “welcome” bonus) these bonuses cost the casino very little, so they are there to supplement other bonuses and to get you hooked on their slots. There are also free spins bonuses that are offered to loyal players, but these are much rarer, and they tend to offer fewer spins.

Generally, these bonuses rarely add up to more than $20, but as an extra freebie, and something that gives you a taste of the available slots, it’s still worth it. These bonuses also have a few benefits that you wont find on other popular bonuses, including the fact that there is very rarely a play-through rate attached. This means that everything you win will be added to your cash balance, which can be withdrawn as soon as you want (providing you don’t have any other active bonuses).

Understanding This Bonus

No two free spins bonuses are the same and it’s always best to read the terms and conditions in order to understand what you’re getting. The main issue with this bonus is that the casino offering it are rarely upfront about the stake size of each free spin, but are usually more than happy to tell you how many free spins you will get.

This is confusing, because 100 free spins at a stake size of just $0.05 is nowhere near as impressive as 10 free spins at a stake size of $1, yet on the surface, it sounds much better. So, always read into it, discovering what the stake size is, if there are any restrictions and if there are any play-through rates.

What’s more, if you’re looking for the best pokies, then this bonus is going to be much more useful on a Microgaming or Playtech casino than it is on an RTG casino, which doesn’t have the best reputation for quality slots.

Where Can These Free Spins be Used?

These free spins can only be used on slot machines, which means no table games, no lotteries and even no video poker. There are few restrictions, if any, on the type of slot machine that you can use them on, and this is entirely down to preference.

Some players like to pick high RTP and low variance bonus slots, as these can guarantee a return, even if it’s an insignificant one. Others are content to take a punt and to use the free spins on a slot that has high variance or on a progressive slot, going all or nothing and hoping to win big with their free spins.

Just remember that as soon as your free spins are over then the casino will start taking money from the cash balance in order to keep the game going. So, de-select “Autoplay” if you don’t want to spend your cash balance or any of your winnings on further spins.

Free Spins for Loyal Players

As we mentioned above, the vast majority of free spin bonuses are available for new players only and, on the better casinos, they are often added to other bonuses. Such is the case with Spin Palace, one of the most popular online casinos in Australia, and one that is part of the BetWay brand.

However, there are also free spin bonuses that are handed out to loyal players, often as a way of promoting new pokies, and occasionally just as a loyalty bonus. Spin Palace do this as well, but they are not the only ones. These bonuses are given out at random and not always with pre-warning, so make sure you keep an eye on the promotions page and that you sign up for the newsletter in order to receive information on these when they arrive.

You will rarely get more than 20 free spins and most of the time you’ll just get 10, but as a freebie, and as something that comes around fairly frequently, this is a nice extra. These spins can only be used on one particular pokie and are usually set at the minimum stake amount.

Spin Palace Loyalty Bonuses

There are other loyalty bonuses available on Spin Palace as well, which is thanks in no small part to the Spin Palace Loyalty Club. This is one of the only loyalty schemes you will find and it is also the best one we have come across. As well as dishing out bundles of cash and prizes, this loyalty scheme also hands out bundles of free spins, which, combined with the free spins you get on sign-up and as a loyal player, means that Spin Palace offers more free spins than anyone else.

So, if you want some free plays on the best Microgaming slots out there, then look no further than Spin Palace.

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