Are Online Pokies Fake? Signs of Cheating Pokies

The number one question on the minds of pokies players when they come to an online casino is usually “Are online pokies fake?” This is a very reasonable question to ask since newcomers may not be familiar with the online gambling world or are concerned about whether their cash will in fact be put toward a legit casino experience. In this article we address the key signs to look out for when trying to identify if a pokies site is fake or perhaps signal that it is cheating players.

The Games

The games provided are a dead giveaway. Typically, a major online casino provider cooperates with the biggest software developers in the industry such as Microgaming, Playtech and IGT and promotes these brands on their site. But beyond the promotion aspect comes a much more practical aspect, which is the games from those providers cannot be accessed unless they are given a specific IP key to unlock the games that points to the site hosting. In other words, a casino site cannot even run such games on their site without having gone through the approval process of the casino software developer, making it impossible to run their games.

Should you find yourself at a casino site that doesn’t offer software games from major developers, you need to do your homework by looking into where their games are created. It is not impossible that a new casino software company has emerged and perhaps is relatively unknown but you need to check. Additionally, if the games a casino provider seem to be outdates, unprofessional, experiencing lag or show other sketchy signs this is a warning that these pokies games are fake and that most likely the casino is cheating you at some level.


All major online pokies sites offer multiple banking methods in order to accommodate people’s preferred banking methods, just like most legit sites do where transactions are offered. To get approved as a site offering credit or debit cards, casino sites need to submit their banking and company information so they may get approved for transactions. Major credit companies oversee where their transactions are coming from and make sure to avoid fraudulent activity so before a pokies site can even get off the ground to accept major banking methods it needs to undergo this process. Therefore, if major credit and debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted this means a site is not likely to be running scams.

A dead giveaway for any site looking to scam people, including casino sites, is to only offer Bitcoin. That is not to say regular casino sites don’t offer a Bitcoin option, but that offering only this payment method most likely indicates a red flag. Bitcoin is difficult to trace, making it easy for illegal operators to get away with cheating players and never having to pay them. Your best bet is avoid these types of casinos, although if you prefer to use this service for your gambling preference this is perfectly fine.

Customer Service

Legit pokies casinos should have 24/7 customer service available via live chat, telephone and email. If you do not see signs of this then you are most likely going to see this is a fake casino, as it is too time consuming to be running fake pokies operations around the clock in order to ask a few questions here and there. Call the casino up if you have any concerns but note if the person answering the phone sounds Russian or there is a noisy background that doesn’t seem to be related to customer service most likely this is a fake site.


Most players get concerned over the random number generators (RNGs) found in online games because they are weary of online platforms being able to manipulate casinos at will. However, this is far from the case. Online casinos set their RNGs from the very beginning of installation when going through the process of being accredited from international institutions and are not able to change RNGs at a given moment. Players fear when they are up in a game the algorithm will turn against them when up in a pokies jackpot or other game but rest assured this is not the case.

Algorithms may be set to overall player deposit amounts and therefore guarantee you will make at least some of your money back but we have found this not to be the case. A more likely scenario is a casino takes into consideration the overall amount of money being placed into a casino and grants a certain payout at random, which is why players can earn more money then they deposit. If it was always single player dependent then the algorithm would forever have the advantage without having to pay back more to players than they put in.


Online casino pokies and other games found on popular platforms are not fake. Every day people are winning jackpots and receiving wire transfers to their personal bank accounts for their winnings, which can also be verified in a casino’s revenue statement, as found on their website. These casinos are also public and report their earning statements to ensure there is transparency and trust with the public.

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