Facebook and Slots Machines

Online slot machines have become very popular all around the world, especially in recent years thanks to the way technology is today. Technology of today has allowed players to be able to play the slot machines on their mobile devices. The number one social media website all around the world, Facebook, has made moves on to this.


How the Fate of Social Gaming Has Been Changing- The social gaming industry has become a multi-million dollar industry. Now there are lot of companies who have a lot of casino games available like slots, bingo, and poker. However, there has been many games being launched on Facebook in recent months. Most of the games that were launched were slot games. Facebook’s success with slots has been shaping the future for the social gaming industry.


A growing rate of game manufacturers have been making their games available on Facebook or plan to do so soon. A lot of players today can pick from a wide range of apps to download where they can enjoy playing the slot games. The slots are free.


In this current day there are hundreds of slot games available on Facebook. Players are Facebook are offered a good amount of options to choose from for their entertainment purposes. As a result, millions of players play the games on Facebook per month. The number of players playing the slot games on Facebook has been increasing on a daily basis. Since Facebook has been having a lot of success with this, other social websites have been launching their own products to the market.


Facebook’s Competiveness Compared to Other Companies- Even though there has been an increasing number of other companies making slots to attract players, Facebook continues to thrive in their environment. The reason is because Facebook has been releasing some of the most exciting and addicting online slots. Another reason why Facebook has been thriving in this field because it is basically social hangout website that has extra options for entertainment. Their extra options for entertainment are hard to ignore for many of their users.


How Well Do The Facebook Slots Work on Mobile Devices?- Facebook users can play the games on their Android, Apple, Blackberry, or Window 7 tablets and mobile phones. Mobile phones have become a daily used device in today’s world. Since they are part of many people’s daily lives, it is expected that mobile gambling will become big in the future. Slot machine players must know that none of these games deal with real money. All of the games are just made for entertainment.


What Are the Most Popular Slots on Facebook?- The most popular slots on Facebook are Slots Farm, myVEGAS Slots, Lucky Slots, and 3d Slots.


Slots Farm- Social gaming is changing has been undergoing a lot of changes. Even though this is the case, its entertainment continues to be satisfying. This game has 20 lines. It has a farm theme. As the crops the players have grown mature, they receive rewards. Bonus items like eggs can be earned. The game is full of graphics and sound effects that can keep you entertained.

myVEGAS Slots- This game has over 5,000 players on Facebook. The amount of players this game has continues to increase daily. Players of this game are able to win meals, rooms, and show tickets in Las Vegas. This is the only slot game on Facebook that provides their players with chances of winning any of these prizes. The graphics on this game may not be entertaining compared to others, but however the action in this game makes up for it. Its Arthurian theme legend is enough to deliver an experience that a slot machine lover would want.


Lucky Slots- This game has over a million players on Facebook. Its interactive features are top notch. Players of this game are automatically provided with free chips on the regular. There are many different slot machines within the game and they can be unlocked by playing on a daily basis. Another good factor for players to be aware of this that the developer of this game constantly adds new bonus games. The developer provides players with something extra along with attracting new players on a daily basis.


3D Slots- This is another slot available on Facebook that has over a million players. The popularity of this game has been growing a lot. A lot of this is due to its 1,000,000 coin jackpot. It is one of the most interactive slot games on the social networking site. The name of its jackpot is called The Weekend Bonus. This jackpot is presented to the players every weekend. The best part about this game is that all players win. Like the name suggests, it has fantastic graphics and offers players a fantastic gaming experience.

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