Evolution of Slot Machines Globally

Slot machines have constantly been evolving in so many different ways. In order for the gambling industry to survive it has to keep evolving. The sounds and graphics from this era of slot machines have changed dramatically. Even how the machines are made has evolved throughout time.
Charles Fey is the inventor for slot machines. They were made in the 1800s. He was from California. The design of it was later copied a lot. Throughout the next several decades, the popularity of the slots grew. During the 1960s the first electromechanical slot was created. This was when they started becoming implemented into the casinos. They started to become popular in the 60s.


In 1996, the slot machines started to have second screen bonuses. This set the stage for greater developments in making slot games evolve.


Slot machines with the three reels and one payline are considered classic. This goes for online slots as well and video slots. On the early slot machines, there was an arm that had to be pulled in order for the reels to spin. Those type of slot machines do not exist anymore.


When technology started advancing, 5 reel video slots were introduced. This is what led to the slot machines and video slots of today. Now a lot of slot machines have 5 reels. At the rate the slot machines are going, they are going to keep evolving as time goes on. The technology in the games keeps getting better and better. Sound quality and graphics continue to improve as technology keeps advancing. Advancing is very key in the gambling industry. It has to be able to develop with the times. Slot machines have been doing this throughout time and it has been working pretty well.


The advancement in technology has played a very big role in why slot machines have evolved a lot since the existence of them in the 1800s. Advancements in the games is what makes them keep being fun for a lot of people who enjoy gambling. If this industry would not have advanced, it would have been left behind. Modern technology has helped make the designs and the sounds become better than they were before.


On the old slot machines, there would only be sound coming from them if there was a win. Nowadays, a sound coming from the machine does not mean there was a win. In today’s machines, sounds are made all throughout different times they are being played. A lot of times there is sound coming from them if there is a bonus round being played.


Now there are slot machines that are based on music icons like Michael Jackson and Elton John. Those games play music by them and have symbols that represent their signature look when performing. Those two are not the only celebrities that have a slot game based off of them. Marilyn Monroe and Ellen DeGeneres have a slot game that are based off of them as well.


Movies have been incorporated a lot with modern slot machines. This is another way of how slot machines have evolved globally. Hit movies like The Dark Knight, Captain America, and Austin each have a theme based slot machine. As time goes on, it is expected that even more movies will become more incorporating with slot machines. This is another way in how slot machines have advanced throughout time. It has found ways to attract those who are not into gambling. Using entertainment icons, movies, and tv shows is definitely the way to do this.
One can only imagine how good slot machines will be in the future. As technology improves, so do the slot games. Technology has been growing at such a fast rate. It has been changing the whole world. Modern technology has led to slot games being played a lot online as well. Now many people do not have to leave their home in order to play a slot machine game. A lot of the games that are available at physical casinos can be played online. The online world has been helping to make the casino industry continue to evolve as a whole as well.


Slot machines have made a lot of big jumps since it has existed. It is very crucial for slot games to continue to keep evolving. Who knows what they will be like in the future. One things is for sure, they will be even more different than they are now. The sound quality and video graphics will keep improving on the machines. Even though they are already good in this day and age, they will be even much better. Slot machines will continue to thrive and become better at exciting those who decide to play them.

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