The Gee Gees – Basic Pokies for Money

The Gee Gees combines two things that are rarely mentioned in the same breath, but two things that were seemingly made for each other: the Bee Gees and horses. The game itself has a retro feel, but there are a few differences that make it standout from all of the other Microgaming retro pokies on the market. To play The Gees Gees, just look for a licensed Microgaming casino such as Jackpot City.




Although basic, The Gee Gees is very fun. The game-screen consists of 3 reels (with just 1 payline) and a dance floor visual, which features the eponymous Gee Gees. The payline info is also there for all to see, as is the progress bar for the main feature.


You can trigger wins of 2,000x in the base game, and there are many smaller payments to land as well.




The Gee Gees has a respectable minimum of $0.25, and a maximum of $100. It is not the widest betting range you will see, but this limited range is used on most Microgaming retro pokies and seems to suit the majority of players.


Bonus Rounds


The bonus feature on The Gee Gees takes place on a disco dance-floor, and you can unlock a number of prizes here, from cash to spins and nudges. This is a great addition, injecting a little life into a tried, tested and tired theme that we have seen many times before. It is also very generous, with an average return of 10x your stake coming from this feature.




The Gee Gees is unexpected fun, a great little pokie that has a retro flavor but has a more modern feel to it. It’s still a little short of what we expect from modern pokies, but for a retro game it’s great.

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