Dream Rose Slot – Medieval Romance Pokies

Throughout the years, Aristocrat has released slots with a range of themes. However, Dream Rose slot has a theme that is definitely a stand out. The theme this slot has is medieval romance.

This slot uses the new Helix cabinet that its developer recently released which is very impressive. Not only is the theme of this slot very unique, but it has a fantastic sound system and newly released infinity LCD screens. After playing this slot, you will definitely understand how it is very unique in comparison to a lot of other slots.

Theme of This Slot- This slot revolves around four characters. The first character in this slot is a dark knight who guards a tower that has a woman suffering in it. A prince charming is on his way to rescue her. The prince has an enchanted rose that is supplied with sorceress of some sort.

The music in this slot has a medieval feel to it. However, it is very dramatic and suspenseful. Even if you do not like this type of music, the game is still worth playing especially if you have big wins.

Other symbols in this slot are the key and a diamond locket. The diamond key locket is the shape of a heart. However, the symbol that is worth is the most in this slot is the scatter one. In this slot, the scatter symbol is the mega one. It is in form of the tower. The symbol triggers the only bonus which is a spins round. It is the type of slot that has familiar A-9 card symbols, which is kind of unusual for a slot machine in today’s time period. The card symbols are the pay tables in this slot.

Features in the Slot- Dream Rose definitely has high definition screens in the slot. It grants their players two 8×5 sets to use. The symbols that match from one screen to another one gets transformed into additional wilds. This fits pretty well for the overall gameplay of the slot. Especially since it has stacked symbols that fly around a lot.

Since the base of the slot is very nice, it should not be a surprise that this slot only has one bonus. Even though it only has one bonus, this bonus offers 15 free spins. Players are able to get the free spins through having a mega symbol that are played on both of the reels. It does not end there. Players can re-trigger them. Yes, you have read that right, players can re-trigger them.

The coins can attach to any of the main symbols of this slot on a single spin. If a player receives enough of them on both of the reels in one spin, one of the five progressive jackpots can get triggered. This adds on to the excitement the slot provides to its players.

The looks of the characters in this slot can be creepy. Outside of how the characters appear and their movements at times, this slot is still enjoyable overall. The most outstanding parts of this slot is the medium volatility mark and the bet sizes it offers. Its bet sizes has a large range. The range of the sizes can appeal to a lot of different slot players. Another good factor about this slot is that it offers high amount in the base game.

This is not a game that I would consider to be one of Aristocrat’s best, but however, like already mentioned it is still a pretty enjoyable slot to play. It can keep you entertained throughout a lot of the game. Who knows, depending on your taste it might be a slot that you would want to play over and over again, especially if you are heavily into romance stories. Whenever you get a chance, you should try it out.

A strong factor of this slot is that it has a unique type of theme. There are not many slots that have a romance as the main focus unless it is based on a movie or a tv show. If you are looking to play a slot that has a unique theme, this is definitely the right slot for you to play. Despite the flaws of this slot, it is still deserving of a decent grade. The grade this slot is being given is a B. Since it is being given a B that means that the strong points of this slot overall overshadows the weaknesses of it. It is important to keep in mind that all slots have at least one weakness, regardless of how good they are. Another key factor about this to keep in mind is that we all have different tastes in what type of slots we like to play a lot.

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