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The debit card is by far the easiest and most straightforward solution for making transactions at an online casino. Not only is it a secure method for depositing money it is the easiest solution for receiving money since the card is connected to your personal checking and savings accounts. In this article we take you through the process of how to make transactions using debit cards at online casinos to play popular games such as pokies and address commonly asked questions regarding the process.

How to Use a Debit Card at an Online Casino

In order to make any type of transaction at an online casino you need to first register so that the casino can confirm your identity. Simply input your email address and name etc. and confirm via an opt-in email sent to your email account. The last thing a casino wants is to get someone’s fake information or an email/name that doesn’t match with financial info so this cannot be avoided no matter what site you visit, provided it is a legit one. The casinos we promote are legit and therefore require this process.

After opting in you are then redirected to the casino games landing page where you choose to play games such as pokies for free or real money. We recommend going the real money route so that you mimic the real casino experience as much as possible. At this point you need to choose a payment method and you simply need to choose “Debit” or “Debit Card/Credit Card” depending on what language the casino uses. Simply enter your financial info and input ho much you want to deposit. After this info is submitted the casino processes the transaction and you are credited with the deposit amount within the casino. You should also receive a receipt for this via email and the transaction will appear on your banking statement. The process is quite simple and to add money you can enter “Add Credit” like you would at a normal casino and continue playing.

The withdraw portion is also simple but a slightly different process. When it comes time for you to cash out any winnings you need to provide your account number and routing number pointing to your bank account. It’s important to remember that no matter what the platform may be you do not receive money directly to your debit card if it is connected to your bank account; rather, the money goes directly to the account in which you use the card to make the transaction. Simply input this info in the withdraw or cash out portion and the casino will automatically distribute the cash to your account within 24-72 hours depending on the day the transaction is made.

Safety and Security

Making a deposit at an online casino is 100% secure and safe when going through legit casino platforms promoted on this site since we only choose reputable platforms with a history of serving Aussie gamblers for years on end. These sites have SSL certificates and a number of anti-malware protection programmes to prevent spam or hacking. There has yet to be a report of leaked credit or scams reported to one’s payment information when it comes to these popular gambling sites so rest assured you can play with ease.

Banking Statements

As mentioned, a payment to a casino appears on your debit card statement in the form of a purchase just like it would with any other type of purchase. There is nothing alarming about this that would cause a bank to call you or lock your debit card but if you feel insecure about it feel free to call them and let them know a transaction from the name of the casino provider will be going through.

Additionally, many people ask if their credit will be affected if they use a debit or credit card at an online casino and the answer is a simple “no”. Credit is affected through a number of factors largely related to keeping up with payments and not the actual purchases so rest assured your financials will still be in accord.

Debit Cards Accepted

The casino sites promoted here all accept debit cards from major providers such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc. including prepaid versions as well.

Tips for Using Debit Cards at Casino Sites

If you are playing games such as pokies make sure to set a budget so that you do not go over your limit in your checking account. Like any gambling experience be mindful of the fact when you are up in your winnings you could win big or lose so make sure to trust your gut before deciding to go all in. You can also use other payment methods in accordance with your debit card in order to switch up your financials.

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