Crime Rises At Star Casino in Australia

Violent assaults have been on the rise in the area of the Star Casino location in Sydney. A lot of the reason is because of the controversial release from the state of New South Wales’ despised liquor lockout laws.

The Star Casino is the only venue within the district of central business that is allowed to have patrons after 1:30am. They are also the only venue in the district that serves booze after 3am. This is the only town for those who want to get their drink on. The fact that this is the only town where people can drink at a lot has caused a lot of social problems in the area. This has put a huge frown in the city.

Figures released by the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics show that non-domestic violence assaults went up in Pyrmont to 13 incidents a month per month. It has went up at least 30 percent of the assaults have happened after an offender was evicted from the casino. Seventy-three percent of the crimes that have occurred in the area involve alcohol. In other cases the assaults have occurred inside of the casino, its entrance, and at the taxi rank located at the casino. Meanwhile, casino patrons have been seventy-one percent of the victims. In 15% of the cases, the victims were a taxi driver.

Don Weatherburn has stated, “The Star Casino accounts for about half of all assaults in the Pyrmont. There’s now about 2 more assaults per month at the casino.”

Star Casino denies the claims. The major casino has been claiming that there has been a decrease in assault cases taking place in that area. They have said the incidents have decreased 19 percent from 64 in the year of 2014 and to 52 in 2015. In 2014, the ban had went to being forced.

The popular casino has also stated since it has 40,000 visitors on Friday nights, the number of assaults that occur there on average is actually low. They have claimed that only one out every 211,000 visitor commits assault.

Those who are against the Star Casino being exempt point out how the casino can only know information about the incidents that occur on its own property, but is not in position to judge the impact on the area surrounding it.

The casino’s right to be able to serve liquor 24 hours a day and why they are allowed to do so has been causing a lot of controversy in the political world in the town. Around 15,000 people protested against the city’s curfew throughout Sydney. A lot of the protest was focused against the Star.

Protestors accused law officials of destroying the nightlife in Sydney. They also accused them of infringing on personal liberties. Even the NSW Premier, Mike Baird has been getting referred to as call “Casino Mike”. Many have been suspicious about his love for the casino and the tax dollars it gives out.

Recently, Tyson Koh of Keep Sydney Open, told MusicFeeds, “We know these areas are hotbeds for assaults and self-harm, but they bring in too much money for the state government to want to curb.” Then he continued by saying, ”It’s not my desire to see the casinos restricted, but the idea of these casinos being the only sanctioned nightlife option in Sydney is quite frankly, an insult.

This is an issue that can get out of control. Law officials have to think about the pros and cons of the situation. If they did want to make changes about this current controversial situation, it is best for the changes to be made as soon as possible. The situation can get worse throughout time.

How long this controversy will last is the question that is on a lot of people’s minds. It is something that many are anxious to see how it will unfold. One thing for sure is that the people have spoken. The people in Sydney want the city to be a lot of fun. Will the government listen to what their residents want? This is something that we will have to wait and see on. If changes are made, hopefully the solution they come up with will be good for both sides of the spectrum.

Star Casino is one of the most popular casinos in the world. Many tourists travel to the casino. The reason is because its atmosphere has a Las Vegas type of feel. Since it attracts a lot of tourists, many people also wonder will the assaults eventually have a negative impact on this. If the assault rate goes up even more, this can put some damage on their reputation. The government does not want this casino to start having a bad reputation.

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