Review of Gambling Competitions Worldwide in 2015

Gambling is a worldwide activity that people perform in a lot. Some people take gambling very seriously. It is very understandable why it is taken seriously. Some people win a lot of money gambling. This activity is something that many people treat as if it was a sport. The popularity of gambling tournaments have been growing in recent years.


Throughout these recent years, gambling tournaments have been airing on cable TV which is a lot of the reason as to why it has been growing so much recently. World Series Poker is one of the most popular poker tournaments. Even though there has been an increase in online tournaments, this does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


Last year in 2015, Philadelphia’s Joe McKeehen was the poker world champion. He receieved a top prize of receiving $7,683,346. Josh Beckley was the runner up for the same tournament. He earned $4,470,896.


At the Hawaiian Gardens Casino, there is a Blackjack tournament that takes place every first Saturday of the month. Last year they held a Poker Classic tournament. It lasted from Decemember 11th to the 20th of last year. There is also another tournament they had held last year which was the 100k and 30k tournament. The 100k tournament lasted from September 28th to October 1st of last year. They held their 30k tournament on Friday of October 2nd of last year.


Last year’s Grand Dragon Master Baccarat Championship returned to Las Vegas. The total global prize pool was worth over $10,000,000. It took place at the Palazzo. Players were able to compete for a portion of a $1.6 million prize pool for over three tournaments. The top six daily winners were able to go on to the semifinal round in October. Its top three finishers were able to advance to the Global Final in Singapore in March of this year at the Marina Bay sands. In America this tournament has reached a new level of popularity.


At Crown Casino in Perth, Australia last year they held an ANZPT Perth tournament. ANZPT stands for Australia New Zealand Poker Tour for those who are not familiar with the term. For this tournament Carolyn Henare came in first place with $2,374AUI$360. Tess Jordan came into second place with $1,319AU$1,700.


All these competitions are very fun and exciting to play regardless of the location. It is very fun playing against those who have the same competitive nature as you. Gambling is something that can be like a sport mentally. In gambling competitions, players are trying to receive the highest prize they can get. Everyone wants to receive a large amount of money. Gambling competitions are becoming more and bigger internationally.


Online casino tournaments are on the rise. The reason they are on the rise is because of how online gambling has been increasing at a rapid pace in these recent years. The most popular tournaments online are slots. However, there are other online casinos who offer tournaments for blackjack, roulette, casino hold’em along with other table casino games. Some of those online casinos are Daily Nickel, Super Monday Winner Takes All, Weekly Winner, and Royal Flush.


Online tournaments are typically very simple to work with. All players have to do is enter the tournament. After they enter the tournament, they are given a certain amount of casino chips to begin with. Then the players have a limited amount of time to try to build the largest chip stack. They have to do this by playing the tournament game. A lot of the slot tournaments are run by Microgaming. Some of the tournaments do require an entry free form players. All of the microgaming casinos have scheduled tournaments for smaller prizes throughout the day. Participating in online gambling tournaments can be pretty fun and exciting as well like how physical tournaments can be. On a global scale, gambling is an activity that is loved a lot.


All forms of competing in gambling, regardless of where you are from can become very intense. Especially if you are going against those who are very competitive. Competitiveness is something that brings in more excitement in different ways. Being competitive will never necessarily be a bad thing. With the way gambling is continuing to grow, the way people will compete in the field will continue to grow and expand all around the world. When competing it is very important for players to be able to concentrate, just like in any other forms of competitions. What will gambling competitions be like in the future? That is a question that cannot have a for sure answer, but one can expect that it will be different than it is now. Who knows, maybe the online form of competing in gambling will be even more incorporated with the physical format of it.

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