Cherry Star Slot – Typical Fruit Slot from Las Vegas

This is a retro-themed slot developed from the Odobo/Rabcat partnership. It is one of those slots that is a classic. There are three reels, nine paylines, and a bonus feature that is a wheel of fortune type of style.


This slot is simply based on fruit. It is a slot that is classically designed and it gives off of a Las Vegas slot type of feel to players. Even though this game does not offer any cut scenes or animated mini-games, players still have the opportunity to receive a large progressive jackpot fund.


Who Is This Slot Designed For?- This slot is designed for those who are willing to abstain from the excitement of fancy graphics and advanced features in order to focus on what really matters, which is winning a lot of cash.


The Features in This Slot- Cherry Star has a similar look to the one-armed bandit. The three reels in the game appear on a console that comes finished with its side-lever and it has clickable buttons that have control over the betting.


A payout table is constantly on display on the right of the reels. Thanks to this, players of this game are always aware of exactly what the value is for each combination of symbols. Above the gaming console, there is a giant wheel that can spin once the bonus feature of this game is triggered. Paylines can be activated or deactivated. All it takes is just the touch of a button. Players can bet anywhere between 0.5- 1 credits for each line.


Since this slot is more aligned with the older generation of online slots, it has a very low-variance. The features in this game definitely does not provide much, but the rewards given out are pretty nice and its progressive jackpots are shared with similar slot titles.


The Fruit Salad- This game follows the typical classic symbols. However, the theme of this game is simply focused on fruit that features plums, lemons, and cherries. Those symbols have the lowest values in this game. The BAR logo, lucky seven, and the liberty bell are also featured in this game. Mixed fruit represents the only wild symbol of this game.


Unlike with a lot of other slots, for this game the wild symbol cannot act as a substitute for other symbols. The wild symbol can only be used in conjunction with other fruit symbols in order to make a winning payline. This makes it a less valuable symbol in the long run and it does not really add much to earnings.


In regards to the audio of this game, this game contains a range of sound effects that will remind you of old slot machines. The whirring of reels, bonus noises, and the winning payout all goes back to the classic slots that were released in the 80s and 90s. There are not any background noise in the game and the music only occurs when a bonus feature becomes activated. Since this is the case, this makes the audio features at a low minimum.


The Wheel of Fortune Feature- The Wheel of Fortune aspect of this slot is the main bonus feature in this game. It is located on top of the console. It can only be accessed when the player lands at least three scatter symbols across any of the reels. After those scatter symbols land, a big button with the word SPIN marked on it will light up and then becomes clickable.


After this button pressed, the screen then pans up to a wheel that is sectioned as it spins. Also, an arrow painter reveals which bonus was won once it stops. Players are offered free spins and payout multipliers. The top prize is a 100x bonus.


Another way for a player to win a big prize on this game is through triggering their progressive jackpot prize. The progressive jackpot only gets activated when three golden Euro symbols appear. Along with the total fund being added when a person plays a Rabcat classic retro slot, players are able to receive anywhere in between 5%-100% of the total prize fund that is based on their current scenarios.


This slot is not really that innovating. The slot is pretty basic for today’s standards. If its bonus game did not exist, then it would be even more basic. The bonus does help the game receive some form of individuality.

If you are a person that is looking for a slot that is pretty straight forward and is similar to the classic slots then this is the right one for you. However, if you are not one of those type of people then this slot probably would not interest you. Its jackpot prize is very nice and that alone might make you want to give this game a try.

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