Famous Australian Celebrities Who Gamble

Many celebrities including athletes like to gamble a lot. There are some celebrities who have experienced financial issues from gambling too much, just like some regular people. Some celebrities have even had to file bankruptcy because of gambling too much. Gambling is so something that has been an addiction for many people. One of the most famous actresses known around the world Nicole Kidman, has stated that she likes to gamble but she makes sure she limits herself back in 2002. She limits herself to $500 each time she gambles. The reason she limits herself is because she is worried that she might have it in her blood because her family has had a gambling addiction issue. Nicole Kidman has starred in movies such as Moulin Rouge! Eyes Wide Shut, Before I Go to Sleep, The Others, and more. She was married to famous actor Tom Cruise. However she is currently married to the famous singer, Keith Urban.


Iggy Azalea is another famous person who likes to gamble. In the year 2014, she released her first hit single Fancy. She is currently in a relationship with Lakers player Nick Young. The Fancy hit maker is known to be a fan of Blackjack and that is reportedly her favorite game to play. In May of 2015, she reportedly spend twelve hours playing her favorite game. Apparently Nick Young has told media that she was at the casino from 3pm to two in the morning. The casino she was gambling at was in Las Vegas.


American celebrities and famous athletes (current and past athletes) like Allen Iverson, Phil Mickelson, Ben Affleck, and Charles Barkely have all had gambling addictions. Reports have surfaced saying that former NBA star Allen Iverson gambled and drank away all of his money. Golf star Phil Mickelson has reportedly has run up on considerable gambling dept. Famous actor Ben Affleck has reportedly wagered $60,000 hand on blackjack while drunk. It has also been reported that he had walked away $800,000 in his pockets from tables. This does include a $150,000 tip to employees at the casino he was at. Former NBA star and current TV analysis Charles Barkley has even confessed to having a gambling addiction. It has been revealed that he has lost at least $10,000,000 in gambling throughout his lifetime. Even though he has confessed to having a gambling problem, he still does not necessarily see it as a serious problem because in his mind he can afford to gamble. He is a good example for how many celebrities go wrong at when it comes to gambling.


Many celebrities think that just because they have a lot of money, they can afford to gamble a lot. This is certainly not the case. Having this type of mindset can be dangerous. Throughout time, losing a lot of money from gambling can be very costly. For instance in the case of Charles Barkley, he has lost quite a bit of money from gambling a lot. Even though he currently still makes a lot of money from being a tv analysist and from commercials, this can harm him in the future. Gambling addictions have been a major issue. Many people have been expressing concern over the gambling addiction that has taken place in the country of Australia. Australia has had the highest gambling rate in the entire world. With gambling being such a big part of the atmosphere in Australia, celebrities who gamble there a lot and ordinary people have been losing a lot of money from it. Losing a lot of money from it can cause a lot of issues.


Those who do decide to gamble should follow Nicole Kidman’s strategy regardless if they are rich or not. Creating a limit is very crucial to the game of gambling. Putting money limitations can definitely help a person make sure that they are not putting too much money into the machines. For online casinos, it helps players make sure that they are not withdrawing too much. Withdrawing too much can definitely cause potential financial problems.


Some celebrities become addicted to gambling for a few different reasons. There are some who share the same thoughts about it as Charles Barkely. Those who share this type of thought should think about how their career can make a drastic change for the worse in the future. This is something that has occurred a lot in the celebrity atmosphere. Then there are some who use it as a way to escape from a personal problem. Also there are some who love the feeling they receive from gambling a lot. Regardless of the reasons, none of them are good. Regardless if you are rich or not, gamble should be handled in a responsible manner.


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