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The mobile phone has changed everything. From phone calls, surfing the web, cameras, web wallets all the way to compass and map functions, mobile devices are an integral part of our lives. This trend is only continuing to grow and smartphones will prove to be our main hub for controlling most everyday functions in our lives. They are a universal remote of sorts of which we can’t seem to break away from and will prove to be one of the most breakthrough revolutions of the 21st century.

It is no surprise then that most people are starting to use their phones for other popular forms of entertainment such as gaming. Here in Australia, mobile gaming is the new wave of entertainment covering popular card games, board games, fighter games and even real money gambling such as casino slots. In fact, online slots are the number one form of entertainment in Australia and are played more than any other game across the country. And now with the rise of mobile devices, the entertainment form is finding new ways to be experienced and access for the everyday mobile user, giving online slots a whole new world of meaning. 

Slots Apps

Most online casino sites these days are mobile compatible one way or the other. Some developers have not made investments into separate apps and have instead made their websites mobile friendly in order to meet web traffic demands. The last thing any website wants is for its site to look like rubbish or struggle with formatting issues on a mobile device, so every casino platform has made it a point to deal with this issue. However, depending on which of the above sites you go with they may or may not have customized casino apps for playing games such as slots because of the fact they have a mobile friendly version. If you prefer one method over the other you can visit each of the sites on this site to check and see which ones best suit your needs.

Benefits of a Slots App

Should you choose one of the sites that have a customized casino app you will most likely find this to be the most convenient option. The reason being is that you can access the app more easily on your smartphone screen as opposed to having to open your mobile web browser and re-enter the site each time you want. These apps need to be played online, however, wherever there is a stable Internet connection since they are played for real money. All online options including free and real money games access a slots server run by the casino and need to be played as an online connected device in order to run and play the games properly. This is pretty much the case for any type of app out there. Currently, there are not many offline slots apps or platforms to access since everything is through the Internet so this is something to take notice.

Playing a mobile slots app doesn’t drain your battery life too severely but we would put it at a rate higher than reading online news but lower than watching a YouTube video. High graphics games in 4K or 3D tend to take up more battery life but this is improving as smartphones’ battery life improves. All the apps are safe to play, with any credit information input stored in a secure server that is audited by eCOGRA and the International Gambling Commission. The apps also have SSL certificates and your personal information is never sold to third parties.

The question of mobile app security in fact is a growing one across the web where any type of information is stored. Casino apps in fact are no different in taking necessary precaution despite them being associated with gambling. These apps are created professionally with strict standards that are monitored by the software developers, and hence the industry has never reported any leaks of information to our knowledge.


Mobile casino games can be tricky for formatting when it comes to various screen sizes due to the nature of certain games such as live dealer blackjack. However, when it comes to slots this is a fairly simple framework that needs only compression or expansion of images in which quality is not sacrificed and pixels remain crisp. The casino sites promoted here work with all mobile smartphone devices as well as tablets, including iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices ranging from 4-inch to 7-inch phones. The same goes for tablets sized 7-inch to 12 inches plus.

Where to get the Slots App

If you go to the top where the featured casinos are located and click through you will be re-directed to the casino’s home page. In order to either play the formatted mobile version or download the app the first step is to register your name and email in which you will be send a confirmation. This is a common step just like other online platforms and by opting in the casino is able to help protect you from identity theft. Afterwards you will be given the option to download an app in which you choose the game of your choice and input your credit information should you go the real money path. It’s a fairly straightforward and simple process.

Casino Games

The amount of games you can choose from range in the hundreds and sometimes thousands depending on the provider. Additionally, you can also choose popular games such as blackjack, roulette, craps and others to compliment your slots experience to create a gambling experienced like that of a land-based casino. All games have sounds and reels like that of a regular casino but without the annoyance of people passing by in loud chatter.

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