Bounty Hunt Slot – Review

Bounty Hunt slot was created by a new game company called Chance Interactive. The great thing about new game companies is that they usually bring in new ideas into the industry. So far Chance Interactive has been doing that. This Australian based developer has been releasing interesting games that stand out like Lolly Land in the recent years. As a matter of fact so far all of their game releases have been based on unpopulated genres.


Bounty Hunter themes are not fully unique in the slot machine industry. There have already been some games with the same theme that has been released like the Kat Lee the Bounty Hunter developed by Amaya, which is very popular. However the theme is still overall very rare in the slot industry and it is a theme that has a lot of room for expansion. Besides, what person does not like a bounty hunter?


Regardless of who your favorite bounty hunter is, this game is something special. This incredible new 3d video slot has exciting graphics and a great storyline. It provides its players with great entertainment.


The Theme of the Game- The vibe that this game provides is modern. It has a futuristic city backdrop which could have easily came from the Blade runner universe or Judge Dredd. The way the letters are formed in the playing card symbols, and the wild icons, all have a metal burnished metal Sci-fi style to them. Trust that this is definitely worth seeing.


This game has a theme that has more investment than a lot of other slots do. Just like with NetEnt’s Drive: Multiplier Mayhem, players take on a character role as the game is going. When playing this game, a player is referred to as an agent. As an agent, the player is working for an organization in which takes down criminals that are part of the Steel Fist crime syndicate. Players of this game, have to prepare for the hunt and unholster their weapon. In this game, there are three main criminal characters have to be hunted down. They each have their own rank. Not only do they have their own rank, but they also have their own description. For instance, Hank Blade, who is one of the main characters is described as a hired muscle for the syndicate. The storylines in the game are very relevant and they each play a role in the game’s targeting system. Big bonuses and wilds come in during its targeting system.


The Features and Gameplay- The layout of the game is pretty straightforward in a lot of ways. It is a 25 payline, 5×3 video slot. A choice of active lines are provided to the players. Just like with other modern online slots, there is a paytable in which will allow players to see the information they need about wins. Also, there are bet sizes and an autoplay in the game.


One unusual feature of this game is how the random wilds feature is used. On this game, the wilds are not a fixed icon, instead there is a crosshair active for each spin. The crosshair will randomly pick a symbol and change it to a wild. Depending on the symbol targeted, at least one symbol will change to wild or free spins will be given out.


The usage of the wild becomes even more exciting during the free spins bonus round. If one criminal is hit with your shot, they will transform to wild for the remainder of the spins. Also on their next level up, their capture shows intelligence that is valuable and the next character in the gang gets unlocked. In other words, it is possible to capture all three gang members during the spins round. Not only that, but they can turn into sticky wilds, which will then gather together for the continuation of the free spins round.


This is a game that has a great balance and it has a very engaging theme. Also, it is very well produced and the theme does not overcomplicate the gameplay to the point in which the enjoyment of it is interfered with. Even though the usage of the wilds is very creative, it still provides a decent amount of free spins to the players. When playing this game, you are not going to want to stop playing it. Another great thing about this game is that it is simple to learn.

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