Boiling Point Slots from Realtime Gaming

If you are someone that loves the slot games provided by Realtime Gaming, then you have played the boiling point slots that was launched a few years ago. If you are not familiar with them then it is not too late to learn. The more you learn about them, the better off you will be. Here is your chance to learn a lot about boiling point slots.


What Is Realtime Gaming?- Realtime Gamer is a leader in giving out solutions for games globally. It does not introduce new features much, but however when they do launch a new one, it is considered to be innovative and appealing to the players. The same type of rule exists for Boiling Point Jackpot slots.


Why Are These Slots Called Boiling Point?- The answer to this question is simple. Once water reaches a boiling point, it bubbles and then an eruption takes place. In regards to boiling point slots, when a boiling point jackpot hits a certain level, a lucky player receives a large payout.


The Boiling Point Jackpot on Spirit of the Inca- Spirit of the Inca is the most popular slot game that has a boiling point jackpot. Players have the opportunity to win five different jackpots. However, in order to be eligible, the maximum bet has to be placed. If a lower bet is placed, some of the jackpots do end up being disabled.


Jackpots on this game are Mini, Minor, Major, Maxi, and Grand. Each time a wager is placed it is increases. It is similar to how progressive jackpots work, but the difference between the two is that boiling point jackpots is that players can win more than one jackpot on just one single spin. Players can are able to keep track of their current value of the jackpots and they can see when the boiling point has been reached.


Where Are Boiling Point Numbers Located?- Boiling point numbers are shown below the current jackpot value. Once a player hits the jackpot, they are awarded the amount in the boiling point in one of the five jackpots. It is important for players to keep in mind that maximum bets allows them to take more than one jackpot for the boiling point in just one single spin.

Another important factor for players to be aware that the five jackpots are separate from each other and they get triggered randomly. For Mini, its amounts to $1,116,510. The jackpot for Minor amounts to $167,467. For Major it is at $279,127. The jackpots for Maxi and Grand is at $300,000 respectively.


What Is Better, Boiling Point Jackpots or Progressive Slots?- Experienced players tend to prefer the boiling point jackpots. The reason is because they provide players with the opportunities to receive a solid payout.


Players who prefer slots with a progressive slot tends to play with a strategy. These type of players like to play on all lines and opt for a particular machine once a jackpot reaches a value that is considered to be better than average. Many have the belief that the larger the jackpot, the higher the chance for it to burst.


This strategy can be useful, but however with boiling point jackpots it is a bit different. Boiling point jackpots gives players the opportunity to receive a better idea of when the jackpot is going to be triggered. Also, all five of the jackpots have a corresponding meter. Players are able to improve their odds when they see the jackpot is close to hitting a boiling point.


There has been a high growing demand for more high quality games. The growing demands for these type of games led to the need of developing games that provides the entertainment and a nice payout for the player. Boiling point jackpots are in this category and it is expected that more providers will adopt to these standards soon. This is the reason why boiling point jackpots are loved by many all around the world. They keep pushing boundaries in the slot machine industry. Also, they know how to keep their players happy by making sure their needs and wants are being met at all times.


Boiling point jackpots and progressive slots both have its advantages and disadvantages. Even though they each have their own advantages and disadvantages, players should still go for what is best for them. Depending on your financial status, it might be best for you to use boiling point jackpots and vice versa. Doing what is best for your financial situation is always the number one rule in any type of gambling. Players should never bet what they cannot afford.


The payouts the boiling point jackpot slot machines offer alone is enough to make many people want to give the machines a try.

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