Big Bad Wolf Slot Review

If you are looking for a slot to play that is more than just spinning reels, then Big Bad Wolf is the right game for you. This game provides its players with a unique experience that is enjoyable for players.

The game was developed by Quickspin. Quickspin made sure that they satisfied a lot of their supporters with this game. It is a game that gives its players unique opportunities for a win. Also, it is based on a very popular story that many of us grew up hearing and reading. The game has five reels.


The Fairytale Aspect of the Game- The game is based on the tale of the Three Little Pigs that are chased by a wolf and trying to blow their houses down.


The Reels in the Game- The reels on the slot machine are contained in a large straw house. It also has running and fields that stretch horizon into the background.


The Graphics on the Game- The graphics in the slot machine are simple, but however still beautiful at the same time. Throughout the game there are vivid animations along with soft and pastel colors that many people enjoy.

The graphics along with and the soundtrack play a huge role in the unique atmosphere that is able to be provided to the players.

The Rules of the Game- Big Bad Wolf is a game that has a usual 5×3 setup. This means that all five of the spinning reels have three symbols all together.

There are a total of 25 paylines in the game. Players are able to activate or deactivate as many of the paylines they as they please to. In order to adjust the settings, the player has to use the command buttons that are at the bottom of the screen below the reels.

The Gear Button- The gear button helps players change the number of paylines that are activated and also the size of their wager. Basically, in order for a player to win big, they have to spend a lot. However, players are more than welcome to change their settings any time they want to during the game.

Players should always look at the left side of their screen to keep data of their total credit balance.

The Play Button- After a player feels that they are ready, the next step is hitting the Play button. The Play button is located on the right side of their screen. After the play button is hit, the next step is crossing fingers and hoping that there are many winning combinations.

Winnings- Winnings are automatically updated to credit totals after each win.

Auto Mode- Those who want to keep their settings the same and play without any type of interruptions, then they can give Auto Mode a try. In order to do this, the player would have to click on the corresponding switch. This allows the computer to take control for a while. Reels spin on their own until the player decides to go back to the single-spin mode. This option is perfect for those who want to experience the full unique atmosphere the game provides in its entirety without having to worry about making changes to their settings over and over again. However, players should always choose the mode they think is best for them.


Special Features of the Game- The Wild Symbol is very unusual in the game. All spins that have a win is recorded. Also, all wins makes the Pig card transform to a Wild. It is able to replace any other symbol. The Beehive symbols is a Wild symbol throughout the entire game.


The Scatter symbol in this game gives out free spins if the player is able to get three or more of them on the screen anywhere. Then last but certainly not least, the Blowing Down The House feature begins to occur. It occurs after three moons are collected. The Wolf then blows away all of the icons, along with the house. This allows players to get an extra chance at shuffling the cards again and win some more cash.


This is a game that deserves an A+. It has all of the necessary factors needed to make a game fun and enjoyable. Not only is the slot based on a classic story that many of us grew up hearing when we were small children, but it has amazing features. Once a person starts playing this game, they are not going to want to take their eyes off of the screen for one second. It is a game that can give you a memorable slot session. This is already a game that is becoming a huge favorite for those who like to play slots online a lot.

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