Best of Luck Slot – Review of the Luckiest Slots Around

Ever wanted to know what it is like living in a world that is full of luck? Through playing Rival Gaming’s Best of Luck slot, you will have the opportunity to experience that type of world. Players of this game will be able to find lucky charms and also win prizes for accomplishing this. There’s also bonus games to play which include Wild Lucky Charms and Bags of gem Free Spins.


Slot players would love to know that there are 800 different line, coin, and coin value combinations. Also, low and high budget slot players can enjoy this game.


The Ladders- In order to reach an attic, a ladder has to be climbed. The ladder in this game just might give you best of luck ever. Lucky charms like lucky coins, rabbits’ feet, and horseshoes take over the attic in this game.


The Prizes and the Wild Symbol- This online slot game offers both luck and richness. Prizes start to role in once 3 to 5 matching symbols are found with Acorns. These are the bottom of the prize, which gives out up to 25 coins. After the small Acorns, the prizes begin to grow. Next up after the Acorns, are the lucky wishbones that have a value of up to 40 coins and the 4-leafed shamrocks are worth up to 65 coins. Players can receive up to 100 coins for finding lucky rabbits’ feet. Lucky coins are worth 175 normal coins. If bunches of keys are found, prizes worth up to 275 coins will be unlocked. The lucky horseshoes has a value that goes up to 400 coins and the Ladybirds go all the way up to 700 coins. Also in this game, there are two large paytable prizes, one being with the Jade Elephants. The Jade Elephants are worth up to an astonishing 2,500 coins. Snake-eyes necklaces is the other large paytable prize which gives up to an even more astonishing 7,500 coins.


The teddy bear charm is the Wild Symbol of this game. Anyone who is able to get 5 of these symbols on any line will be real lucky. They will receive 10,000 coins. It does not stop just right there. These symbols have the ability to replace all symbols in the base game in order to form winning paytable combinations. The Bags of Gem Symbols can trigger a Free Spins Bonus. Three of these symbols trigger 4 free games, 4 symbols trigger 5 free games and the prizes are doubled, and 5 symbols trigger 6 free games and the prizes are tripled. A bonus round follows each free spin. If the bonus is won 3 times, 3 more free spins will get triggered.


The Lucky Stakes in the Game- The minimum stakes of this game start at only 0.01 coins. Like already mentioned in this article, Best of Luck contains 800 combinations. Since this is the case, regardless of what your preferred style of play is, it is hard to go against the argument that this game is luck. All a player simply has to do is decide to play 1 to 20 lines, along with 1 to 10 coins. Also, a player has to choose one out of four coin values that go from 0.01 all the way up to 0.25. In this game, the maximum stake is at 50 coins for each spin.


This is a game that can be enjoyed by a diversity of people. Also, it is not a complicated game to figure out. All of the luck incorporated into the game, makes it a very special online slot to play.

This game will allow players to be in a world full of lucky charms. Lucky charms is something that people can only dream of. However, the luck received in this game has the potential to give them some very nice prizes. The prizes offered have the potential to make your day (or night) go from horrible to amazing just like that.

Like many people already know, luck is something that is interesting and it is a word that is full of different views and perspectives. A lot of thoughts surrounding the word is very interesting itself. This is something that also makes Best of Luck game that is intriguing. It is a very interesting game that will keep you interested throughout the entire playing time. The style of the game will want you to wish that the luck being offered will keep on coming. Its bonus games are very entertaining, especially if you are doing well.

Rival Gaming has definitely been putting a lot of thought and time into their games and this is one of them. I wish all players of this game, the Best of Luck and may the luck be in your favor.

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