Beetle Star Slot – Casino Game Based on The Beatles

Casino Technology brings you the slot game Beetle Star and it features the legendary band The Beatles. Casino Technology is known to make a variety of casino games (slots included). They are known to develop a variety of high quality casino games that many players enjoy. Casino Technology has not made a bad casino game yet. Since they have such a good reputation, Beetle Star is a slot game that has had a lot of hype before it was released.

It has a Fab Four Theme. With this type of theme, one important question to ask is how good is Beetle Star in comparison to other Casino Technology slots? If you want to find out key information about Beetle Star, make sure you continue reading this.

The Beetlemania in Beetle Star- There is a lot of 1960s America in this slot. As you are playing this slot, you will hear certain sounds from that era, feel certain emotions, and certain images as well. When a lot of people think about the 60s in America they think about free love, LSD, marijuana, music, the Vietnam War, and more. Many of the best bands existed during the 60s. The legendary band, the Beatles were a major part of that era and mind you they were not an American band. As you might be able to see, this is the perfect theme for this type of slot. Members of the Beatles (Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, and George Harrison) all seem to be making an appearance in this game. Mind you there are copyright reasons for as to why they appear the way they do in this slot.

The Beatles/Beetles- Obviously the title of the game has the word Beetle in it not Beatle. This might be confusing to some who expected this slot to be revolved around the insect. The first thing you will notice as you begin playing this slot is that the members of the band appear as insect-like caricatures in a array of colors that are trippy.

There are other symbols in this game like fancy letters and flowers that represent the overall theme of the 1960s era. One of the symbols has a star that has a goofy and exuberant look to it. This symbol adds a funny touch to the atmosphere of the game.

Getting Groovy- There are some groovy 3d animations in this slot. Not only are the animations groovy, but the soundtrack is even groovier. Beatles using acid and marijuana during their peack is information that is well-known. Due to this being the case, the palette is designed to be a representation of the acid trip they probably experienced when taking LSD while working on their album. There are smooth gradients on the buttons. On the buttons, there is also the typical boundaries of vector graphics that are used for these types of games. The gameplay is very smooth. 

The Layout of the Game- The layout of this game is very clean and it is typical for average slots. This slot game has the typical betting buttons, along with the options to make adjustments to the coin denomination and the number of paylines you want to play. If you do not want to hit the spin button after every spin, you can use the auto spin feature. Also, you can change the language and the sound levels. The options to make these changes are seen in the bottom right corner.

The Betting Limits- There are 10 playable paylines in Beetle Star. Also, there is a non-progressive jackpot that is worth 150 coins and it comes with a multiplier. You have a chance to win big if everything aligns right for you in this slot. Also, you can potentially earn free games. Unfortunately, there are not any bonus games. The Beetle Star image is the wild symbol of the game. This wild symbol, increases the chances to receive a winning spin.

The coin denominations goes from 0.01 all the way up to 0.5 dollars, which makes this slot inexpensive.

Final Thoughts about Beetle Star Slot- Beetle Star is definitely a fun slot game to play. It is only right that this slot will be fun since it features the most iconic band to ever live. This is a slot that clearly takes in a lot of influences from the 1960s era. Everything combined in this game creates a very fun and exciting atmosphere for the players. The graphics are very vibrant and there are not any glitches. Not only are they vibrant and glitch free, but they are aesthetically pleasing. This is a slot game that many players would love to play over and over and they will not get tired of it. Unfortunately, there is not a free spin bonus.

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