iMac Friendly Slots – 5K Pokie Games for Apple Computers

The iMac is hands down of the most fun devices to access slots games. Featuring 21- and 27-inch size models, the iMac is Apple’s flagship desktop computer serving a powerhouse of RAM, speed, graphics and resolution at 5K that seamlessly plays any type of game on the Internet including the pokies.

The Benefit of iMac for Slots

Apple iMac models come equipped with a minimum of 8GB ram, which is expandable to 16GB. This allows players to open and operate multiple interfaces and programmes on their computers without experiencing lag unlike other computers that come with standard 4GB ram. The high amount of ram allows for high-performing graphics cards to function more properly, resulting in more lifelike and intense graphics.

The Apple iMac also beats out all competitors in terms of processing speed. Most out-of-the-box competitors offer less than quad-core 2GHz processing speeds but Apple’s flagship iMac models boast 3.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 or 3.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz. This means slots players can load, access and play slots games at fast speeds and enhanced imagery more than any other device in the market.

5K – Slots Just Got Even Cooler

Speaking of enhanced graphics, Apple’s new iMacs render graphics at 5K using up- scaling technology. Most websites and movies on the Internet do not stream above Ultra HD (4K), and even that is still a push, but Apple’s advanced up-scaling technology boasts any type of site to higher graphic imagery and hence an improved gaming experience. Couple that with Retina display technology, which acts more or less as a HDR function for enhancing every pixel connected to the backlights of iMacs, users see pokies games more vividly with these machines compared to any other competitor out there. Ultra HD and 5K is expected to be the next major step in the future, as is seen already with gaming consoles, so owning an iMac means players are already ahead of the trends.

Other Features of iMac for Slots

The Apple Trackpad is a device that either can replace or compliment Apple’s new and improved mouse known as Magic Mouse. The Trackpad is primarily used for swiping and tap functions, which can limit its potential for some sites, but when it comes to pokies games we find this to be a wonderful feature since you can integrate swipe functions into the reel pulls during online play. The Magic Mouse meanwhile also has two-finger swipe options, making reel spins or other casino functions such as folding or hitting an easy task.

Additionally, the sharp sounds from the iMac’s advanced sound system make a player feels like they are in a real casino. Hearing the clear reel sounds, jackpot wins and theme music replicated like a land-based casino is very rewarding and allows for players to experience a Las Vegas experience from the comfort of their own home. When you take this into context with the performance of the iMac, you have the most equipped and comprehensive approach to playing slots.

Best Casino Providers for iMac Friendly Devices

We like Spin Palace the most mainly due to its investment in the large amount of slots games it provides in addition to the attention in detail and graphics developed into each game. Spin Palace is Mac Friendly all around and has instant play along with no flash options to fit every player’s diverse needs and comfort. The casino boasts over 500 pokies games and is known amongst the Australian gambling community as the top choice for playing slots, particularly for Mac devices.

Signing up for Spin Palace using an iMac or other Apple device is easy, and you can easily stream slots games from several different Apple devices at any given time. Apple devices are all heavily malware protected and have many security checkpoints to ensure no matter where you deposit your money it is safe, so rest assured using an iMac will be safe when accessing online pokies or other casino games.

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