Android Slots Australia – Android Compatible Pokies 2016

Google put their name to the Android operating system and have done a lot for this platform, but they were not the ones who initially developed it. In fact, the developers went under the Android Inc. name and this platform was created as an interface for digital cameras when it seemed like they would be the next big thing. The fact that Android didn’t finish their creation with any great haste did them a world of good, as it gave them time to realize that there were better markets elsewhere, time to sell their software to Google and to play a role in creating what is currently the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

Android is available on smartphones and tablets, and unlike iOS from Apple, which is only available on Apple devices, Android is used by countless developers and on hundreds of different devices.

Gambling on Your Android Device

The Android operating system is very user friendly and easy to get your head around. The power and capability of the platform will depend on your device and with the Android this range can be huge, from top-end devices like those created by Samsung, to budget devices such as the ones created by Acer and Lenova. However, when it comes to usability, they should all be the same.

You will notice that there are no gambling apps available in the Google Play Store — which is the official app store for the Android platform — even if you do not own a Google device. This does not mean that your chosen casino or gambling app is not available and is simply because the Google Play Store does not allow real money gambling apps of any kind.

Still, it’s your device, you can do with it as you please and Google can’t stop you from downloading apps directly from the online casino website. Just visit the website on your device and it will then detect that you’re using the Android operating system and will provide you with a download link for their Android version (if they have one).

Of course, this only applies if you have tweaked your settings to allow downloads from third-parties, otherwise your device may put a stop to this download. To check or change this, simply go to your settings and select the relevant option. This is de-selected by default simply because of security reasons, but as long as you are downloading reputable software from a reputable casino, then there should be no issues with security.

Not sure how to find a reputable and compatible casino? Read on.

Best Android Software

When it comes to pokies, you can’t go much wrong with Microgaming, which is the software of choice for pokies fans, and therefore one of the most used casino software programs in all of Australia.

Microgaming works with most devices and on most platforms. What’s more, it releases new games every week and in a single month Microgaming release more new slots than many of its competitors release over the course of an entire year.

Microgaming is used by many thousands of casinos, including the biggest names in gambling, and if you have spent any length of time in this industry, then there is a good chance you will have played some of their games already, with titles like The Dark Knight, Game of Thrones, Avalon II, Winning Wheels and Tomb Raider being just a few of their most popular pokies.

Spin Palace

If all Microgaming casinos have the same table games and pokies, and if all of them are available on your Android and on any other platform you choose, then what makes one Microgaming casino different from another?

Well, that’s where the bonuses come in, and that’s where Spin Palace comes in. This is undoubtedly our favorite Microgaming casino, and there is one main reason for that. It’s not the new member bonus, which offers $1,000 in free cash as soon as you sign up, as well as a number of free spins to use as you please. It’s also not the wide selection of banking options, including everything from Skrill and PayPal to POLi and more.

These are all useful, don’t get us wrong, but they are also available on countless other top casinos out there. What is certainly not available on other casinos though, is the Spin Palace Loyalty Club. This is the only loyalty scheme we have encountered on an online casino, and one that can rival the best perks in an actual casino.

The Spin Palace Loyalty Club rewards even small-stake players, but the more you gamble then the more you can win, and if you make it all of the way to the Diamond, Platinum or Prive level, then you will be in for some big prizes.

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