Amazon Adventure Slot – Amaya Gaming’s Jungle Themed Slot

If you want to take a trip to the jungle, then you should play Amazon Adventure. Amazon Adventure is a slot game designed by Amaya Gaming. This is a slot that has a fun jungle theme combined with arcade games and old school Vegas style slots. There are four reels and ten fixed paylines. The symbols are in a 4×4 grid and players are given the opportunities to make the reels spin in a random fashion.


The Jungle Theme- Amazon Adventure is set on a background of a nighttime jungle setting. Large green leaves create a border against a blue sky set with stars with them. The paytable is always seen on the left of the screen and it blinks on a consistent bases, showing the value of each symbol.


The standard card symbols (10-A) make up the low value symbols and resemble bright colored stones. Unlike with a lot of other slot games, there is a mid-value group of symbols. Each of these symbols are represented by the Lucky Number 7 and they are shown in different colors. Also, some of them are adorned with moss or vines.


There are five fun cartoonish creatures in this game that represent the high value symbols. A yellow spotted lady bug has the smallest denomination of the group and is then followed by a bright blue tree frog and a turquoise toucan. A brown leopard is the second highest value symbol. The icon with the highest value that you will come across in this game is the purple coiled snake.


The Features in the Game- Since this game has a design that is unique, it does not have a great set of features provided to the players that are pretty common in video slots on average. The scatters for this game are the mid-range number 7 symbols. Not only do they serve as scatters, but they give out a set range amount from 10 all the way up to 12,500 that is listed in the lower left corner of the screen.

Another interesting thing about this game is that it does not have any type of wild symbol and nor does it have separate bonus games except for the two island-themed features that will be discussed in the next section.


The Bonus Rounds of the Game- The two bonuses in this game are called Bonus 1 and Bonus 2. These are always shown on the right side of the screen and are shown as two islands. One island is green and the other one is brown. The Bonus 1 symbols is represented as a waterfall that animates when it is part of a payline that is a win. Every time you land on it, you will notice that your explorer will go up one spot further automatically on the island. The same type of scenario occurs in Bonus 2 except its symbol is an erupting volcano. A generous cash prize is given out after your explorer hits each stop on the path and reaches the waterfall or volcano.


This bonus game is effortless since it results in a guaranteed payouts just for reels spinning in a consistent manner.


The Limits for the Game- When this game firsts gets started up, it asks you to pick a coin credit value that will remain the same until your gaming session ends. You can choose 0.10, 0.25, or 1.00. After you select a coin credit value, you get taken into the game. Once you are taken into the game you can bet one credit on each of the lines or click the Bet Max button. Clicking Bet Max will allow you to bet 5 credits for each line. With this being the case, the maximum you are able to bet for each spin is 50.00 and the minimum is 10.00.


Choosing Your Spin Type- Another interesting aspect about this game is that it gives you the option to pick your spin type. Clicking “reel” will make the reels spin traditionally where all columns go into place from left to right. Another option you have is to click random. Through clicking “random” each symbol will individually pop up in a random pattern with each spin. Regardless of the decision you make, the results will come up quickly and smoothly. Since the game is simple, complex controls are not needed. All of the paylines in this game are horizontal, vertical, or diagonal and they pay in either of the directions depending on which one has the highest value, right to left, or left to right.


Thoughts about the Game- This is a game that is definitely worth a try. It is really perfect for those who are trying to find a slot game that has a lot of uniqueness to it.

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