Casino Slot Alternatives for the Diverse Gambler

Many people all around the world love to gamble a lot. Some prefer to gamble online and some prefer to gamble at real casinos. Then there are some who enjoy to gamble at physical casinos and on the internet. Many people love to play slot machines in hopes that they will win big. Unfortunately the chances of winning a big payout on a slot are little to none.


There are free online casino games that gamblers can play. 50 Dragons is a very popular online gambling game. It is a favorite among Australians. It has fifty win lines and mythical features. Unfortunately it is not available online in Australia. However there are alternatives for Australians in Australia. Gamblers in Australia can check out Sun Doa alternatives. Great Griffin is a game that they offer. It is ran by microgaming. There are four reels of rows in this game. The betting strategies are the same for 50 Dragons. It has a very high graphics.


Gold Factory is another game that is available on there. It is also ran by microgaming. This game does not have much in common with the atmosphere of 50 Dragons, but however it is recommended by many. Many consider it to be 50 Dragons on steroids. This game also offers a lot of options. The game has fifty win lines. Bonus features are something that gamblers will enjoy.


Another game folks can enjoy is Dragon Island. This game has dragon features in it. There is only 15 paylines. Gamblers have to sacrifice a few win lines because there is only 15. However, winning spins are able to be paid left to right, but right to left. The dragon features are the stars of the game. It also has free spins that people can enjoy.

Tiger Moon is also ran by microgaming. The game is compared to some of the best Aristocrat games. It is considered to be a huge recommendation alternative to many of the games on the site.


Gambling online and through using apps have been on the rise in these recent years. The reason is because of how the world is today. Being on the internet whether it be through computer, ipad, tablet, or cellphone has become a big part of our daily lives now. This is a reason why now gambling in this form has become popular.


Whenever there is a big sports event occurring, a lot of people like to make bets. In America right now the big sports event that is occurring currently is March Madness. For March Madness, a lot of people like to make bets about how each team would perform. Usually those who participate in bets for March Madness, fill out a bracket. However, that is not the only way to bet on these games. Another way for Americans to make bets on this big sports event is through ESPN, CBS Sports, and Yahoo. Each of them have management platforms. For a lot of people, Yahoo would be the most easiest to use. Especially if they decide to take a non-standard approach to scoring their pool.


Even though betting on March Madness is not playing slot machines, there are still a lot of risks. Using ESPN, CBS Sports, and Yahoo is not a popular way of betting on March Madness. There are different ways people play slot machines. There are some who play a variety of machines with an hour. This is good for gamblers who become bored easily. Plus sometimes this increases the chances of winning a big payout. Another alternative way of playing slots is choosing a theme for each session. For example one section can be dedicated to playing slot games that are based on comic books and then once that section is done, a player can move on to sports themed slots. This formula can help gamblers have a variety of slots to play. Gamblers can switch up their regular routine slots by doing this. It is good for players to change the slot games they like to play a lot. Gamblers can avoid becoming bored with a slot game by doing this.


For those who play online, adding exercise to every win is another alternative for playing slot machines. Players can do sit ups or jumping jacks each time they win 10 coins or more. This is a very good idea for those who like to exercise or are having any different types of health concerns. This is a way players can have fun, but also make sure they are being healthy at the same time. Sitting down too much while being online can cause a lot of health risks. Doing this is a way to avoid having a health scare while also having fun.

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