Slots Addiction Stories from AU Gamblers

Gambling has been a major issue in Australia for quite some time now. There have been a lot of concern about the high amount of gambling addicts in the country. When many people play slots machines, they love hearing the sounds that comes from them. They also a lot of times love the themes in the games as well. The sounds and themes of games can sometimes play a role in persuading a player into putting too much of their money in the machines. Each year the gambling industry has been continuing to grow. This is good for the industry itself, but its growing success has caused a lot of concern for its population. Many fear that the population’s addiction to gambling can potentially actually ruin their economy at some point. Gambling too much can be very dangerous. It can cause a lot of family issues and a lot of stress.


Sharon Hollamby is an Australian who was once addicted to gambling. She told ABC that she became someone she did not even know. Then she continued by saying, “The machines hijacked my brain and I just couldn’t stop.”


Before she became addicted to gambling she was in an accident. The accident caused her to not be able to work and caused her to be inactive. She also began to struggle with mental illness that led her into having a debilitating addiction.


Hollamby stated, “Beforehand I would have been able to cope, I am a strong person, but with the pokies, you come out of the pokie room and think now I am worse off because not only have I still got those problems I’ve got no money either.” She has went on to say that her gambling started off innocent. The first time she played a pokie game it was not even planned. She was at a pub with her friend. When she was with her friend she bought a drink and was given two dollar coins in change. Since it was only a dollar she decided to play the machine. She won a little bit on the machine. After her accident gambling to over her life. The longer she was playing a machine, the more hypnotized she became, she said.


Eventually she did receive help from a psychologist and through telling others about her struggles to support groups.


An Australian name Carolyn also was addicted to gambling. He strongly believes his loneliness is what caused him to become addicted to gambling. Carolyn lived at home by himself. As a matter of fact he thinks that people who are addicted to gambling are trying to escape something in their personal lives. He kept thinking that he was going to be able to win back the money he had lost. Unfortunately, he was not able to.


Carolyn wants the Australian government to do more about the amount of gambling addiction the country is currently going through. Many other people agree. Currently the government blames the addiction to gambling on gamblers themselves. Some suggest that the government should put more limitations on gambling, including Carolyn himself. However, there are others who think the opposite. Some believe that it really is the gambler’s responsibility to have control over their gambling.


Carolyn and Hollamby are definitely not alone. Studies have shown that the gambling addiction in Australia is growing. This means that more and more families are getting torn apart. Also there is going to be more people filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is going to cause more stress on the gambling addict themselves and on their families.


Their government believes expects most gamblers to be responsible. Unfortunately there are many who are not responsible. Should the government take more action about the gambling addiction issue that is occurring in the country of Australia? Or should the gamblers be responsible for how they gamble? One would argue that if the government takes more action, then the gambling addiction would be forced into decreasing. However, another would argue that even if the government were to put more focus into the issue, then those who love to gamble would continue to find ways to do it. Especially since gambling online has been on the rise in these recent years.


Those who suffer from a gambling addiction should receive help immediately. Receiving help immediately would only be for the better. An addiction to gambling should be treated as if it was an addiction to drugs. That is how serious it is. Gambling addictions can lead onto serious ongoing issues. Children of gambling addicts can develop habits of their parents and become addicts themselves when they get older. Addictions to gambling can turn into a generational issue in a family in different ways.

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