The Possibility of Artificial Intelligence for Gambling

Whether it is making 700% returns on betting or turning a $20 bet into over $11,000, headline stories about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for casino play as well as turning algorithms from the best of gamblers’ minds into competing software are no longer just the sensational titles we think of them to be; in fact, they are capturing the current state of reality and what is yet to come.


Society in all facets is aiming to move toward automation, optimization and perfection in order to better itself or at least improve to some sort of level at which human beings can free themselves of otherwise daunting tasks – at least, this is the popular belief of the possibilities of AI. But what about when it comes to using the technology to compete or outdo others? Is it possible using algorithms that are based on the human mind perfected over and over will be used to free people as speculation may have it or will people use it for their own selfish desires?


One area where we may see a distinct difference from using advanced technologies to unify people and instead pursue them as tools to gain a more competitive edge is gambling. Whether sports betting, personal casino play against the house, or trying to play a game such as poker, using algorithms can only really mean trying to compete against one another due to the stakes at hand and the money that can be made.


Excitement around sports competition arguably is half about not knowing who is going to win while the other half is about honing skill. From a gambler’s standpoint, skill can be approved upon and optimizing it is key, making any tool that is available for improving one’s skill a key necessity. Therefore, trying to mimic the best of the best poker players’, blackjack players’ and other gamblers’ brains has become the recent pursuit of different companies including a company called AU in order to help players take their game to the next level. Their goal like many others entering the arena is to give gamblers and upper hand over competitors and win more money.


Possible Problems?


These developments are going to set off a firestorm unlike anything we have ever seen. Firstly, programming information based off the best minds in gambling essentially means attempting to formulate educated guesses on unset consequences of chance of which the set outcome varies depending on the nature of the object being gambled. In other words, gambling results always change and therefore the subject being tested to provide educated results is only reliable to which uncertainty provides. This is unlike other algorithms that use a series of repetition from historical findings or results to determine a result based on consistent patterns in nature.


However, gambling can prove to have its consistency if it is in the form of algorithms, which is the case for online playing. An AI device would be able to calculate wagers on games such as slots to determine if going in on a higher pay line or betting amount is better. The same could be said about online blackjack and video poker games that although have a house edge still have patterns of behavior that can be determined.


If people start using this technology to their advantage for playing it could prove very beneficial but it could also be met with confrontation. Some analysts worry online platforms will start using their own AI to determine a player’s history, spending record, winnings, amongst other factors. If this is the case we will most likely face a huge problem with the legitimacy of online platforms because their set algorithms may no longer be applicable, and instead given over to AI that although will not directly change the software code could determine its advantage in a given scenario. Does that sound like possible cheating? We think the lines would become very blurry at this point.




At some point there will have to be laws put in place dictating how AI can be incorporated into pretty much everything, most notably gambling. The boundaries AI will cross with legality and cheating will definitely pose problems for both government oversight and legit playing. The difficult part may not only be in determining what is legal but whether AI can even be controlled once it integrates with gambling. Analysts are afraid that for online platforms software will be completely taken over from AI bots and algorithms won’t make any difference. Thus, implementing regulations will prove worthless since the technology could take on a life of its own and decide its own terms.


We do think there will definitely be regulation for in-house gambling in that players will never be allowed to use outside sources for enhancing their chances of winning, much like the situation now. But what is in store for the online world remains to be unseen due to uncertainty over AI behavior in relation to the Internet. Hopefully gambling platforms are already starting to prepare for this and are taking it more seriously, as it may be one of the biggest influences in the 21st gambling arena.

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