3D Pokies Australia – Augmented Casino Games via VR and TVs

3D has been an interesting trend in the market. From an online movie and TV show standpoint it has yet to take off and most likely never will lead the way in driving TV sales due to its value-added technology that tends more to compliment rather than replace traditional 2D TVs. However, with most technological developments there are still niche audiences and niche markets makers can tap into, one of which happens to be gaming.

Gaming in 3D has really started to take off due to Virtual Reality (VR) technology such as Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vibe, Sony PlayStation VR and Oculus. Video game makers in particular have been looking to carve out new ways for their players to interact in new gaming spaces, and rather than moving toward only traditional platforms they have decided to develop augmented realities otherwise thought unimaginable. The result of this trend has been no shortage of innovation with VR headsets in particular, which has spurred the way for new growth in 3D games, including casino games such as pokies.

However, 3D games are still available to non-VR headsets. Below we will talk about the best casino for 3D gaming both via VR sets in addition to 3D TVs. We will also reveal which casino developer is also making strides in the 3D tablet and smartphone segments as well.

Vendors Providing 3D Casino Games

One vendor that has rose to the top in 3D gaming, most notably for pokies, is Slots Million. Noted as the first vendor ever to pursue 3D slots due to its compatibility with VR consoles, this online casino boasts over 1400 slots games, and is considered a pioneer in the movement toward creating a new environment for online casino gaming.

The great part about Slots Million’s 3D games is that they are compatible across all devices that support 3D functions, such as TVs – a feat not found elsewhere in the online gambling world. But perhaps what is even more impressive about this casino is that it features 1499 slots games at the moment, which is more than double most casinos offer.

The downside to this casino is that it only offers pokies games so if you are looking to play other table games in 3D this casino will not avail. In fact, there are currently no casinos online offering 3D table games such as poker or blackjack but we hope this is a trend that will change soon!

Breakdown of Slots Million

Slots Million offers games for free and for real money. Should you choose to go the real money route there are plenty of deposit options including Visa debit and credit cards, Skrill and Entropay. The casino has a high payout percentage and is considered one of the most reputable casino sites both in Australia and across the globe due to its safe and secure playing, in addition to trustworthy platform that has a record of providing legitimate service to gamblers.

We particularly like the video slot games in addition to the fact that Slots Million breaks down pokie games by theme, paylines, pokie type and even advanced features such as automatic reel spins. This casino is ahead of its time due both to its 3D technological breakthroughs and its casino layout.

Other 3D Pokies Providers

We have also written about alternative 3D methods through VR providers such as Samsung Gear. For the everyday gambler who happens to have a Samsung smartphone in addition to the VR headset this is an alternative route for you to consider, as you can access pretty much all other casino platforms and view them in VR/3D formats, albeit non-native formats.

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